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The                high performance model is based on the humanistic, client-centered approach from its founder, Trey McCalla. Throughout his time and experience, he quickly came to the understanding that each client presents their own unique stories, values, experiences, and dreams. Through the initial intake session with each client is where Trey gets to know the client's stories and understand their expectations and desires. The relaxed conversation leads to building a strong, collaborative alliance where trust is built to design a successful course of action in the constant pursuit of mastery for the client. After the initial intake and the devising of a specific profile and course of action for each client, is where the dedicated time and work begins. As with physical skills, mental skills require practice and reflection to promote higher self-awareness and developing mental precision and resilience.

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After receiving his Bachelor's degree in International Security and Conflict Resolution from San Diego State University, Trey attended John F. Kennedy University where he obtained his Master's degree in Sport Psychology. Throughout his internships in school and his professional career, Trey has found success working with professional and amateur clients across various disciplines in action and extreme sports, esports, traditional sports of football, baseball, volleyball, golf, and others, as well as, time spent working with the United States Army. He has also taken the mental weapons into the boardroom to help business executives. Trey is also continuing his professional learning by pursuing his Doctorate in Education from Creighton University in Interdisciplinary Leadership. Additionally, Trey has the distinction of holding the CMPC® (Certified Mental Performance Consultant) certification designated through the Association for Applied Sport Psychology.

Mental Weapons
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Mental weapons are what will inevitably separate the elite from the amateur. Mental weapons are how performers achieve mastery in a given task, rather than plateauing. Mental weapons are how those who have a rage for success understand how to overcome adversity, be resilient, and not become victims of circumstance. Mental weapons can aid performers in creating their own destiny. That being said, mental weapons are skills. And like all skills they must be practiced with deliberate intention. For those who work hard and practice mental weapons with intention will find there are no gifted performers destined for greatness, however, there are only skilled performers who redefine, and reimagine their mindset and discover their potential. Below are some of the various mental weapons that can ignite the rage within you to seek out the path of never ending mastery.

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Emotional Regulation
Energy Management
Pre-performance Routines


All services listed below can be done either as face-to-face consultation, or through connected consulting via encrypted and secure networks.

* : payment must be paid up front and sessions must be completed within 6 months

** : payment must be paid up front and sessions must be completed within 12 months

Team sessions and workshops are available as hourly, half-day, and full-day rates. Please inquire for pricing and availability.

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package of 10 individual sessions (rate per session decreases to $125)**


package of 5 individual sessions (rate per session decreases to $135)*


per individual session (50 minutes in length)

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Written and Media Contributions
Mental skills sport psychology


Trey has various written contributions ranging from publications in the international journal, Journal of Sport Psychology in Action, authoring a chapter in the applied sports psychology book, Excelling in Sport Psychology, and blog postings for NAKOAWELL and Volt Athletics .

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